Charente: at Graves-Saint-Amant, they fish a 1.47 m catfish weighing 21 kg.

It took the trio almost half an hour to fish for predators on Sunday.

Nice catch for Alexandre Lacaille, 16 years old, who went fishing with his father, Gérald, and Enzo Pierre, a 14 years old friend”. It’s a first for me, I often fish, but never such big fish. My boyfriend and I had to take two boats (flatutubes) to help my father who was holding the fishing rod we bought second-hand“.

“Hell of a thrill.”

In a trio, they fished on Sunday morning on the Charente a catfish measuring 1.47 m and weighing 21 kilos at Graves-Saint-Amant (Charente), between Cognac and Angoulême.”Usually, we catch 60 cm fish in five minutes,” adds Alexandre, who took almost half an hour to get out with “great sensations” as a bonus.

This carnivorous fish can be fished on the Charente according to the classic regulations, with lure or live, except at night, since the opening of carnivorous fishing was postponed to 11 May due to the health crisis.

Among our neighbours, a few big catches have made headlines in recent weeks, such as this local record a few days ago in Lot-et-Garonne, where a 2.47 m catfish came out of the water.

Very often, fishermen put their catch back in the water, which is left to their free will, as the smaller ones are said to be tastier.There, Alexandre, his boyfriend and his father, decided to keep it. “We never tasted it, it will be a first there too”.

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